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Pictures of constitution of armenia - City Photo Galleries

Constitution of the Republic of Armenia - National Assembly of the ...
THE FOUNDATIONS OF CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER. Article 1. The Republic of Armenia is a sovereign, democratic, social state governed by rule of law.

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Constitution of Armenia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Constitution of Armenia was adopted by a nationwide referendum on July 5, 1995. This constitution established Armenia as a democratic, sovereign, social, .

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The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia - The President of the ...
The Armenian people recognising as a basis the fundamental principles of the Armenian statehood and the pan-national aspirations enshrined in the .

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ICL - Armenia - Constitution
{ Official Title: Constitution of the Republic of Armenia } { ICL Document Status: Jan 1999 }. { Editor's Note: The ICL edition is based on a text kindly provided by Dr.

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Jul 5, 1995 . The new Constitution of the Republic of Armenia was adopted by referendum . Armenia. Whereas the adoption of the Constitution and the .

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The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia
The Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia. ON THE CASE CONCERNING THE DETERMINATION OF THE ISSUE REGARDING THE .

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The symbols of Armenia are prescribed in Article 13 of the Constitution of Armenia, adopted .

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Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Center
Promotes legal culture of the society in Armenia through scientific activity, education, information dissemination and advocacy.

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Guide to Law Online: Armenia - Law Library of Congress (Library of ...
The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, with Amendments (Armenia Parliament); International Constitutional Law: Armenia .

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Armenia Commemorates Constitution Day
July 5, 1915 was the day in which by referendum the Armenian people approved the Constitution of the Armenian Republic.

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Home - The Judicial system of Armenia
The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia (RA) was adopted on July 5, 1995, which, in correspondence with the requirements of the establishment of a .

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Change to Come for Armenia's Constitution? | EurasiaNet.org
Jul 4, 2005 . Armenia's ruling coalition and opposition appear poised to reach a consensus on amendments to the country's constitution. The breakthrough .

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