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Pictures of greek army ranks - City Photo Galleries

Greek military ranks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Modern Greek military ranks are based on Ancient Greek & Byzantine terminology, even though the ranks correspond to those of other Western armies.

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Military rank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The rank and file of the military in most of the Greek city states was composed of ordinary citizens. Heavily armed foot soldiers were .

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Hellenic Army - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Main articles: Hellenic Army officer rank insignia, Hellenic Army Other Ranks rank insignia, and Greek Army uniforms .

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Roman army rank structure
For the Greek equivalents of these words one can use the glossary page. The ranks . There is a lot of confusion regarding rank and function in the Roman army.

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Greek military ranks - eNotes.com Reference
Modern Greek military ranks are based on Ancient Greek & Byzantine terminology, even though the ranks correspond to those of other Western armies.

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Greek Army 2300AD
Apr 30, 2006 . Greek army rank structure. Greek Rank. Translation in English. Strategos. General. Antistrategos. Major General. Ypostrategos. Lt General .

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BBC - Primary History - Ancient Greeks - Greeks at war
About 10000 Greeks, mostly from Athens, fought an army of 20000 Persians led by King Darius. . Eight to ten ranks made a formation called the phalanx.

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Ancient Greek Warriors - Ancient Military
Every thing about the ancient military history of the ancient Greeks and their . The first three rows, or ranks, of a phalanx could stab their opponents while the .

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Ancient Greek Military Technology
Image from P. Connolly, The Greek armies, 1978. The basic unit, or speira, in Alexander's army. The 256 men are ranked in close order, 16 deep. In a charge .

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Uniforms and insignias - IBWiki
Mar 7, 2010 . Proposal for Alta California's Military rank insignias. Alyaska. Marc Pasquin's proposal for Alyeskan military rank insignias. Proposal for .

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Appendix:Greek military ranks - Wiktionary
Appendix:Greek military ranks. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search. see also: Category:el:Military. Greek military ranks .

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The Roman Army
Early Roman soldiers hence must have looked much like Greek hoplites. . classes, from these classes were in varying degrees recruited the ranks of the army.

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