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Pictures of how to make cascarones - City Photo Galleries

How To Make Cascarones
Apr 13, 2011 . Cascarones, pronounced kas-ka-ron-ez, are a Mexican tradition used for Easter, Cinco de Mayo and other celebrations. It is an egg shell filled .

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DIY Make Cascarones Confetti Eggs
How to Make Confetti Eggs, also known as Cascarones. Festive cascarones are believed to date back to romantic Renaissance days when Italian gentlemen .

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How to Make Cascarones (Confetti Eggs) | Prudent Baby
Apr 12, 2011 . You can start by making a pin board to use as a drying rack. This is not necessary , but very helpful when making cascarones. Just take a piece .


How to Make Cascarones - YouTube
Mar 11, 2009 . These eggs will crack you up! They're a little messy too - but lots of fun.

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ZOOM . activities . do . Cascarones | PBS Kids
It's a tradition in Mexico to make cascarones, confetti filled eggs, during Carnival, a big festival held every year. Cascarones are also played with in other parts of .

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How to Make Cascarones for Easter « SpanglishBaby™
Apr 18, 2011 . I almost died when I walked into my local Walmart, went to the Easter section and found these on the shelves. how to make cascarones .

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Gracie's Eggies: How to Make Cascarones Tutorial
Feb 28, 2010 . So, here is your complete guide to making cascarones so you can be the "Rey or Reina" (King or Queen) of Confetti Levity at your next .

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Oh the guilt… Cascarones | Thoughts of a Mommy
Apr 17, 2011 . The following is my version of making Cascarones. There are hundreds of ways to do them. Some crafters go WAY out, I am simple and to the .

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Cascarones - Las Culturas
Cascarones, a tradition between Mexico and the United States. A brief history and instructions on how to make them.

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Confetti Eggs (Cascarones)
The practice of making hollowed-out, surprise-filled eggs moved from Italy, into Spain, and then into Mexico, where, filled with confetti and known as "cascarones .

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How to Make a Cascarone | eHow.com
How to Make a Cascarone. Cascarones are decorated eggshells filled with confetti. Mexican fiestas use Cascarones and Mardi Gras celebrants toss these at .

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How to Make Easter Cascarones
Mar 29, 2010 . Instructions and video for making the popular Mexican Easter confetti eggs: Cascarones.

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