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A Peace Treaty
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Peace treaty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A peace treaty is an agreement between two or more hostile parties, usually countries or governments, that formally ends a state of war between the parties.

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The Peace Treaty
The Peace Treaty. Following the American occupation of Mexico City on September 14, 1847, it was expected in the United States that a negotiated peace was .

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The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783
The treaty that formally ended the Revolutionary War gave formal recognition to the United States, established boundaries, specified fishing rights, restored .

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The Jordan-Israeli Peace Treaty
The Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty was signed on October 26, 1994, at the southern border crossing of Wadi 'Araba. The treaty guaranteed Jordan the restoration .

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Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty
Mar 26, 1979 . Sixteen months after Sadat's visit to Israel, the Israel-Egypt peace treaty was signed in Washington. It contains nine articles, a military annex, .

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Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty Pageant
Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty 2011 and World's Largest Outdoor Pageant. It commemorates the Signing of Indian Peace Treaty of 1867 on the historical Central .

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The Treaty of Versailles
The Treaty of Versailles was the peace settlement signed after World War One had ended in 1918 and in the shadow of the Russian Revolution and other events .

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The Treaty of Portsmouth (Portsmouth Peace Treaty)
The Portsmouth Peace Treaty of 1905 stands today as one of history's greatest historic Peace events and the beginning of a new era of diplomatic negotiations, .

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